Youth at St. Paul major Seminar pose for a group photo after training (photo/TIDE/Peter Gatkuoth)

By Peter Gatkuoth

Funded by Global Youth Mobilization, the Talent Initiative for Development (TIDE) organization trained youths at St. Paul Major Seminary in Juba on leadership skills.

The training aimed at empowering young people with skills so that they can be able to lead in the different structures at community level. Another aim of the training is to empower youth to fight gender based violence in their communities especially during this time of the pandemic.

Participant Okwera Richard said during the trainings he was able to know the meaning of leadership. According to him a leader is a person of 18 year and above willing to take up the responsibility to lead.

Okwera Richard one of the participants (photo TIDE/Peter Gatkuoth)

He added democratic leaders are elected by people he or she works for the people.

“I prefer this kind of leadership in my country in order to resolve issues of conflict in our community or in our country as South Sudan at large,” Richard explained.

The young man urges the youth of South Sudan to stop discriminating against each other despite their tribal/ethnic background.

“A leader is supposed to treat people equally as one body. I suggest that we should be non-discriminative in this country so, that our country will develop like other countries,” he reiterated.

Richard thanked TIDE organization for taking the initiative of training young people on leadership skills and the different roles played by leaders. He also encouraged youth to act as peer educators by passing the knowledge gained to others  in the society.

Another Participant Geoffrey Joseph said he learned about conflict resolution and mitigation methods.

Geoffrey Joseph is also participants (photo TIDE/ Peter Gatkuoth)

“I have learned about what causes conflicts and how to resolve conflicts in the society. I want to ask that if possible such sessions should be conducted on either quarterly basis or twice in a year,” Joseph appealed.

Poni Regina Sabrino is a participant for TIDE leadership trainings (photo TIDE/ Peter Gatkuoth)

Poni Regina
appreciated TIDE organization for organizing the training on leadership to young people because many needed this training in order to assess the type of leaders they have.

She urged the organization to organize such training at least twice a year and in different places so that many young people will benefit from the knowledge.

Team Leader for Talent Initiative for Development, Samuel Sebit (photo/TIDE/Peter Gatkuoth)

Meanwhile the Team Leader of Talent Initiative for Development, Samuel Sebit said the training on leaderships is organized specifically for youths so that they can spearhead development in their various communities.

He explained that the main objective of this training is to empower young people with skills so that they can be able to lead in the different structures at community level.

“I realize during the pandemic that many youth are being excluded from taking charge of leading, making decisions and service delivery in their communities so I want to see more young people breaking these barriers and taking a step in shaping their society,” Samuel explained.

He added that after this training, he expects to see many youth in the community managing the affairs of the society, their families, and the country in order for peace and development to reign.

Sebit mentioned that his organization wishes to see many young people involved in peaceful and developmental activities instead of being involved in violence.

This training was conducted by Talent Initiative for Development organization with supported from Global Youth Mobilization.

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