our thematic areas

Talent Initiative for Development embarks on a vigorous consultative process to develop her Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is a tool that guides TIDE’ operations for a specific period mostly three years. TIDE international and local partners, staff, and communities who are the primary stakeholders usually inform us about the program direction. Through the stakeholders, TIDE examines the environment we are working in and the relevance to the current context in the country and TIDE capacity to meet the needs of the community and the young people we work with. This process helps TIDE to stay significant to the needs of its stakeholders by being transparent and accountable. We will be keen to assess our internal capacity, needs direct and focus on specific areas and target the right donors for our projects. 

creative arts

Creative Arts: Through the arts, TIDE will concentrate on the importance of cultural activities such as Music Dance and Drama, Sports and films (Theater for Change) as an instrument for uniting people as well as to advocate for a moral society that embrace cultural diversity to enhance peaceful coexistence amongst its citizens this will encourage effective and well-organized information dissemination and nurture the country’s creative industry.

youth empowerment

As TIDE, we look forward to giving the youth an opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills to develop competence in order to promote personal growth through vocational and entrepreneurship skills development and creation of employment opportunities in order to be self-reliant through,

  • Training of youth on video, script, camera operation, the art of directing and film production and other areas to develop their skills in order to become film, music and video producers and create their own jobs than seeking as part of the sustainable development goals.

civic education

our aim is to promote advocacy and access to information and any other matter of concern to human development at both community and national levels on issues related to Gender based violence and debates on sexual reproductive health to make sure people understand their obligations to the country’s development.

peace building

  1. Peace Building:The main program direction is to work towards sustainable peace and social cohesion within the country and with South Sudanese refugee’s communities to create social relationships across different borders through,
  • Developing programs of peace and reconciliation programs in South Sudan and where its refuges are.
  • To build local community and refugees’ capacity so that they can be in a position to solve their own problems.

gender based violence

Our aim is to encourage and create a free space stigma community where equal opportunities for both women and men to work together in a safe environment that may improve the level of service delivery.

Democratic governance:

The main program direction works towards securing freely, equally and effective community participation in decision-making processes and consultations to enhance human rights, good governance and to ensure effective leadership development among the youth and the community at large.

  • Empowering Youth and women with leadership skills to enhance their participation in decision-making process and hold institutions accountable.
  • Raise awareness in the community about political, social, and economic rights.

empowerment & protection

As TIDE we also want to ensure that Young people’s capacities are developed so they can be self-reliant and to build resilience and take the lead in community development

Hate Speech and Extremism Violence

:As of 2016, there is a big increase of hate speech in South Sudan that has led to community and tribal division among the South Sudanese. As TIDE, we are interested to use untouched creative arts approach by bringing musicians and artists together to compose songs and draw pictures and write poems that discourages hate speeches and organize music and play for peace at the community levels to ensure that dangerous speeches that possibly leads to targeted violence are avoided and that our communities co-exist to control interethnic violence.

some of out activites

As TIDE we seek to use practical ways to engage communities and create awareness on the social drivers of extreme violence at the grassroot levels and to develop realistic solutions to the contemporary challenges on social leadership, political and economic wellbeing of South Sudanese. TIDE is committed to community-based advocacy to encourage transparency and accountability for effective service delivery across the country and promote meaningful participation to better nation building through trainings, Public concerts, Campaigns and community dialogues.